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We’re deeply grateful for the dedication and hard work of our volunteer Range Officers (ROs). Their unwavering commitment ensures our ranges remain safe and open, allowing our members to enjoy their shooting activities to the fullest.

🫶 A Heartfelt Thank You to Our ROs 🫶

Our members rely heavily on our volunteer ROs to be able to shoot in a safe environment. We recognise the invaluable efforts of our existing ROs, whose contribution is the cornerstone of our operations. We’re seeking new volunteers to bolster the smooth functioning of our ranges and encourage more members to join this esteemed team. Whether you’re stepping into a volunteer role for the first time or are already a part of our RO community, your participation is crucial.

💥 Exciting Incentive Programme Announcement! 💥

To show our appreciation and assist with covering expenses for the day, we’re thrilled to introduce a new incentive initiative. All ROs, both new and existing, will now have the option to receive either a $40 EFTPOS gift card or a $50 credit at St Mary’s Indoor Shooting Centre for each full session volunteered. This gesture is a token of our gratitude for your dedication and the vital role you play within our community and aims to cover your expenses for the day.

➕ Additional RO Benefits ➕

In addition to the new incentives, ROs enjoy several existing benefits, including:

➕Free Shooting: Continued free access to SSAA Sydney ranges as long as you remain an active RO
➕Annual Volunteer Dinner and Drinks: A social event hosted by SSAA Sydney to celebrate and thank our volunteers for their service.

🫵 Interested in Joining 🥇

We welcome members of all experience levels and provide comprehensive training for all new ROs. Thank you for considering this opportunity to make a significant contribution to our community. We look forward to welcoming new and returning volunteers to our RO team and to the enhanced experience at SSAA Sydney ranges.

If you’re interested in becoming an RO or would like more information about this rewarding role CLICK HERE TO REGISTER YOUR INTEREST

SSAA Sydney Range Officer Incentive Program Policy

1. Introduction

This policy outlines the eligibility criteria, distribution mechanisms, and operational guidelines of the Range Officer (RO) Incentive Program at SSAA Sydney. The program aims to acknowledge the invaluable contributions of our volunteer ROs by offering incentives for their dedication and service.

2. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to ensure a fair, transparent, and efficient process for the allocation and distribution of incentives to eligible ROs, thereby encouraging continued volunteerism and acknowledging the significant role ROs play in the operation of SSAA Sydney ranges.

3. Eligibility Criteria

3.1 Volunteer Status

All non-paid volunteers who serve as SSAA Range Officers at Silverdale or ANZAC rifle range are eligible for the incentive program.

3.2 Completion of Rostered Sessions

Eligibility for incentives requires the completion of a ‘full’ rostered session as defined by the standard operating hours for each range.
ROs must sign in at the beginning and sign out at the end of their rostered session to verify attendance and participation.

3.3 Partial Sessions

Multiple partial sessions can be accredited towards a full session at the discretion of the range manager, based on operational needs and RO availability.

4. Incentives

4.1 Incentive Options

Eligible ROs may choose between:

  • A $40 EFTPOS gift card


  • A $50 St Mary’s Indoor Shooting Centre credit.

4.2 Distribution Frequency

Incentives will be accrued and distributed on a monthly basis.

4.3 Record Keeping

Range managers are responsible for maintaining accurate records of RO participation, including dates, durations of sessions, and incentive choices.

5. Distribution Guidelines

5.1 Verification Process

At the end of each month, range managers will verify the eligibility of ROs based on their recorded sessions and submit a list of eligible ROs along with their chosen incentives to the SSAA Sydney Treasurer.

5.2 Distribution Mechanism

The SSAA Sydney Treasurer will arrange for the purchase and distribution of gift cards and credits.

5.3 Discretionary Credits

Range managers may, at their discretion, credit ROs with partial sessions towards a full session, considering factors such as operational demand, RO performance, and special circumstances.

6. Policy Administration

6.1 Compliance

ROs and range managers must comply with this policy to ensure the fair and efficient operation of the incentive program.

6.2 Amendments

This policy may be reviewed and amended by the committee as necessary, based on the program’s effectiveness and feedback from participants.

6.3 Disputes

Any disputes regarding eligibility or distribution of incentives will be resolved by the SSAA Sydney committee, whose decisions will be final.

7. Conclusion

This policy is designed to support and reward the dedicated volunteers who serve as Range Officers at SSAA Sydney ranges. By providing clear guidelines and a transparent process, SSAA Sydney aims to foster a positive and rewarding volunteer experience, ensuring the continued safety and enjoyment of all members and visitors to our ranges.

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