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Hornsby Range is situated at Hornsby Heights, off the Pacific Highway. Take the signposted GALSTON at Hookhams Corner. After the turnoff, Follow the well signposted route with signs that will indicate either Hornsby Rifle Range or Mt Wilga Hospital. The range entrance is adjacent to the hospital. After passing the Hospital then follow the dirt road down the range for 500m and turn left into the 100m range 300m before the NRA butts.

The range is open almost every Sunday from 1:00pm to 3:30pm provided the day does not clash with a NRA special shooting day. Shooters must register for the last detail before 3pm.

Activities at Hornsby Range include benchrest at 50m on the 100m range, and benchrest and field positions at 100m, 200m or 300m when we are on the main range.(check the range calendar or information line)

SSAA Safe Shooting Course is available upon booking with an authorised tester.

Hornsby range is a government licenced rifle range, and attendances qualify for target and hunting licence requirements.

Come and look us over, and join in the fun.

To confirm range opening hours, please call the information line 82302574 for recorded information re range availability prior to attendance.  For more information call us on 8078 4438 


ALERT – NO CENTREFIRES on the 100m Range at Hornsby!   – the 100m range can only be used for pistols and rimfire rifle.  We do have the use of the main range about twice a month for C/F shooting.  Check the calender (link is on our home page) to see if we are shooting C/F on the main range, or R/F on the 100m range.

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