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SSAA Sydney now has the use of the Service Range every Saturday from 9:30am – 3:30pm  In addition we open the Range on the first and third Sunday of the month.  A Calendar of events and distances is posted on our website – see Calendar link under “Alerts”.   We do need more volunteers – each time that we get 9 more volunteers will mean that we can open the range on an additional Sunday a month.

When transporting your firearm to the Anzac Range, be aware that the Range Standing Orders at Anzac allow a bolt to be in the rifle only when you are lined up on the target on the firing line and ready to shoot. This means that you must have the bolt out of your rifle when you arrive at the range.  Where the bolt cannot be removed from the action, a trigger lock is to be fitted.

When you arrive at the Anzac Range, tell the person on the boom gate that you are shooting with SSAA and proceed to the SSAA clubhouse, which is in the middle of the first building on your left as you drive in.  You will have to shoot in order to register an attendance.  Club .22 rifles will be available, and ammunition may be purchased from the NSWRA shop, which sells a wide range of ammunition and shooting gear.

Rimfire rifles and centrefire rifles up to 8mm (but no magnums) can be used.  For SSAA members fees total $25 per shooter per half day, or $35 per whole day, plus $1 per target.  This amount includes $5 for pickets and $12 NSWRA Range fee.  Shooters who are unable to shoot prone for medical reasons may use a portable bench, but we have only three of these so if you can, bring your own.

Refreshments are available from the NSWRA canteen on Saturdays.  Bring your own shooting or other mat to lie on.  Ear and eye protection is mandatory, as are enclosed shoes.

If you have any queries about SSAA use of the Anzac Range, please call us on 0447 202 432


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