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All Ranges closed for the long weekend


Silverdale Range will be CLOSED until further notice. We will have further updates once flood waters recede and repairs to the range can be made. 


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All Ranges reamain subject to certain rules as directed under the Public Health Order:

The complete and detailed Public Health Orders can be viewed here:


We are aware that many members may have concerns about completing attendance requirements, but please be assured that The Firearms Registry is aware that due to the ongoing pandemic and evolving circumstances, some licence holders may find it difficult to comply with their participation requirements given stay-at-home orders, self-isolation, quarantine or even due to a reluctance to congregate.
Any club member – whether a sports target (pistol or longarm), hunting or collecting – needing to undertake participation activities do not have to do so while clubs and ranges are closed due to the health situation in NSW. To support this:

  • The Firearms Registry does not propose to revoke a licence on the basis that a licence holder cannot fulfil their participation requirements due to self-isolation, lockdown, quarantine, concerns about congregating due to COVID or club/range closure due to the health situation in NSW.
  • Licence holders in this situation do not need to notify the Firearms Registry on this matter.

You can read more detail from NSW Firearms Registry on this matter here: 

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