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At this point Silverdale range remains closed due to the damage incurred earlier this year during the significant rain event. Work had been carried out to allow the range to operate in a limited capacity using the pistol range for up to 10 shooters per session on a booking system from next Monday 4 July.
Unfortunately after repeated attempts to contact Firearms Registry seeking approval to commence operations, we were today advised that approval would not be granted to reopen.
Repairs to the flood damaged area are still on hold. We are awaiting a report from a Hydrologist to be completed. Due to the number of other insurance claims resulting from the flood events this is taking far longer than expected. The range surface has now dried out sufficiently to allow access by the required heavy machinery as soon as we get the go ahead.
Once work has been completed we will then be required to submit an engineer’s report to Firearms Registry for approval to reopen the range.

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