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SSAA Sydney Branch is proud to announce an Introduction to Long Range Shooting Programme.

The programme will be conducted on Sunday the 1st November and Sunday the 15th of November. It will commence on the 1st November at 0800 with an introductory brief and theory lesson, then a 100M Group and Zero practice. We’ll then move to 200M to conduct an Introductory and Confirmatory Practice. On the 15th November, we’ll start at 0800 and revise the previous theory lessons and practical shoots, then do a 300M Deliberate Practice, before moving to 400M for a further Deliberate Practice. Assistance, advice and full debriefs will be available during the programme and at the completion of each day.

It is essential that anyone looking to participate uses the same ammunition (calibre, projectile, type, muzzle velocity, manufacture), rifle and optic combination throughout the programme.

A rifle with a calibre of any .22/5.5mm centrefire is a minimum requirement. Maximum calibre is .32/8mm. Due to the range template and approvals for ANZAC Range, large centrefire magnum calibres are not permitted.

It is strongly recommended that intending participants bring:

        1. Notebook and pens
        2. Water
        3. Eye protection
        4. Hearing protection
        5. Enclosed footwear
        6. Sunscreen
        7. Hat
        8. Collapsible chair (optional)
        9. Basic cleaning kit
        10. Shooting mat
        11. Rifle (minimum 22/5.5mm cal CF, maximum 32/8mm cal, no large CF magnums)
        12. Bipod or other front rest.
        13. Rear rest
        14. Optic sight (mounted)
        15. Spotting scope (preferred but not essential)
        16. Ammunition, minimum 80 rounds for programme (2 x 40 rounds), all of the same calibre, projectile, type, muzzle velocity, manufacture

In order to get maximum benefit from the programme, all shooting will be from the prone position, in the absence of physical requirements of individual shooters.

We ask intending participants to commit to the whole programme, in order to get maximum benefit, and look forward to seeing you at ANZAC.

The charge is $120 in total, payment and reservations are available by clicking the Book Your Spot button below

Download the Flyer – click here

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