After safely shooting Centrefire Rifle on the 100m range at Hornsby for more than 30 years, the Firearms Registry has decided that it can't be used for Centrefire Rifle.  The 100m range has been reduced to rimfire rifle and centrefire and rimfire pistol only, and the 50m mound totally removed as well. 

SSAA Sydney has purchased a custom built trailer to move benches up to the 50m point so we can continue to shoot rimfire at 50m on that range.  Club .22 lr rifles are available at the Hornsby Range when we are using the 100m range. 
Every other Sunday we have done a swap with the 18th Battalion Rifle Club that allows us to shoot Centrefire Rifle on the main range at 200m while they shoot rimfire on the 100m range. 

Have a look at the calendar click here to see what we are shooting at Hornsby before you come out (or phone the Hornsby Range Information Line on 02 8230 2574.

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Put Something Back...

With over 30,000 members, the SSAA (NSW) Sydney Branch Inc. is by far the largest SSAA branch.  If you are a SSAA member living in or around Sydney, chances are that this is your Branch. Check your SSAA membership card (SYDNEY N01) to see if you are a Sydney Branch member.

The Branch owns the Silverdale range, has a 50% share in the St Marys Indoor Shooting Centre, and has access to three other ranges:  Holroyd, Hornsby and Anzac at Malabar.  Scores of members volunteer their time as range officers on those ranges, to provide facilities for members. The Branch is run by an elected Committee of 13 volunteers.  If you enjoy using these facilities, talk to us about how you can put something back into your club.

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