Application for SSAA Membership

You can apply for new membership online via the SSAA Membership Portal.
Or you can apply for new membership offline by downloading a membership form and mailing it to PO Box 282, Plumpton NSW 2761 or faxing it to 02 9832 9377.

Membership renewal

If you are an existing SSAA member, you can renew online via the SSAA Membership Portal.
Or you can renew by mail, phone or fax.

Further information
Within ten working days, we shall post you a letter indicating your new membership number and the date of membership expiry. This will satisfy most legal requirements for proof of membership.

For any membership queries, please contact the National Membership Office on phone 02 8805 3900, fax 02 9832 9377 or email

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Put Something Back...

With over 30,000 members, the SSAA (NSW) Sydney Branch Inc. is by far the largest SSAA branch.  If you are a SSAA member living in or around Sydney, chances are that this is your Branch. Check your SSAA membership card (SYDNEY N01) to see if you are a Sydney Branch member.

The Branch owns the Silverdale range, has a 50% share in the St Marys Indoor Shooting Centre, and has access to three other ranges:  Holroyd, Hornsby and Anzac at Malabar.  Scores of members volunteer their time as range officers on those ranges, to provide facilities for members. The Branch is run by an elected Committee of 13 volunteers.  If you enjoy using these facilities, talk to us about how you can put something back into your club.

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